International Fitness Industry Professional

Mia is passionate about helping businesses in the health and fitness industry adopt strategies to keep up with new innovations and constantly developing market needs. For over 6 years Mia played a key role in developing and growing a global fitness brand in Europe and internationally. With the main focus on education and business development, Mia helped with expanding the company from having a presence in only a few countries to over 90 countries globally. Since 2015 Mia has also been a member of Europe Active’s Professional Standards Committee that is overseeing the development of EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals).

With a degree in exercise science, extensive experience working directly with consumers as a trainer and presenter, developing education and educational teams, in addition to presenting at and attending business events across the globe, Mia has a unique ability to see the industry from a 360 perspective. 

After relocating back to Los Angeles in 2016, Mia initiated an exploration of the Boutique Fitness Studio (BFS) Scene in Los Angeles, while at the same time initiating a collaboration with a VR/AR expert team to share her experiences and knowledge through this new medium.