Keynote Speakers

Founder & CEO, Fit Body Boot Camp


How To Get Clients To Pay, Stay and Refer


Bedros will also host:

Hot Seat Panel
Join us on Sunday and get private coaching for your business from Bedros Keuilian.



Keynote: CEO Panel

Chief Executive Officer, American Council on Exercise
CEO, SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION®
Chairman and CEO, Vedere Ventures, LLC
CEO, Alloy Personal Training Center and Alloy Personal Training Solutions

I'm very excited to come back to SUCCEED! So much time and energy goes into putting on a show like this and AFS has done a great job!

Rick Mayo, Founder of Alloy Personal Training Solutions



Day 1 Interactive Workshop Educators

A day of intensive, hands-on learning with attendees in the same place of business as you. 



Morning Workshop
Focus on: Marketing, Sales, and Retention


Owner, Faster Fitness
CEO, Yoga Integrated Science Wellness Center
Owner, Kutting Edge Fitness
Owner, Frank Nash Training Systems
President, PTA Global/PtontheNet
Co-Founder, Club Intel
Founder, Vast Potential
CEO, Alloy Personal Training Center and Alloy Personal Training Solutions


Afternoon Workshop
Focus on: Leadership, Personal Development, and Operations


Owner, Fit Culture
Co-Founder, Gravity + Oxygen Fitness, Axiom Fitness Academy
Co-Founder & CEO, Sunshine Fitness Resources
Club Operator, Anytime Fitness
Owner, Center Your Body Pilates
Owner, Be Stronger Fitness
CEO/Founder, WORK
Owner, Jiva Fitness
President, PG Fit

I had never been a part of an organization that genuinely cares about making a difference like AFS. I am blessed and honored, and looking forward to participating.

Michael Romig, President of PG Fit



Breakout Session Speakers

Learn cutting-edge ideas and stay on top of the latest trends from the most inspiring speakers.


Podcast Host, Association of Fitness Studios
Founder & CEO, Fitgrid
Franchise Owner/Operator, Shapes Fitness for Women
Director of Growth, 97 Display
Chief Motivator, Method3 Fitness
Co-Founder, JETRO and Associates
CEO, Studio Gym
Founder & CEO, Association of Fitness Studios
Founder & CEO, Profit Martketing Solutions
Founder & President, Unite Fitness
Director, Todd Durkin Mastermind
Publicist for Fitness Business Owners,
Founder, Training for Warriors
Founder, Online Trainers Federation
Fitness Consultant, Presenter and Writer, Fitness Test Drive
Founder, BeWell Advisory
Exercise Physiology Content Manager, American Council on Exercise
Director of Science & Research, American Council on Exercise
Presenter & Success Coach, NPE Fitness
VP Product, ISSA
Senior Director of Product Development, American Council on Exercise
CEO, Fit Bodies, Inc.
CEO, Shadō Fitness
Director, International Business Development, American Council on Exercise