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April 12

3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Defining Your Business Culture & Creating Your Tribe: Why it Could be Your Most Important Long-term Objective

In this session, you'll learn the principles of an organizational soul (culture) and the role it plays in building a successful business.  You'll also gain knowledge into the building blocks of a great organizational soul/culture accompanied by specific examples.

Presented by: Stephen Tharett

Make More Money: Pricing Strategies to Implement Today

If you owned a retail, brick-and-mortar grocery store, would you only sell one product? If so, which product would you choose and why? These are the same answers you should seek in your fitness business. Your success relies on knowing what service to sell in what market and at what time. Come to learn which offerings are best for your business and your market so that you can thrive in the future.

Presented by: Rick Mayo

Online Training and What it Means for You and the Digital Fitness Enthusiast

Today we have the technology available at our fingertips to open up more opportunities than ever before. In the world of fitness, that means service offerings that can be more flexible and affordable for clients and members, and online training is one of the major new movements making this possible.

Presented by: Sharad Mohan

The Time, Tools and Talent Needed to Run a World Class Corporate Wellness Program

Understand the types of tools that are necessary to make a “world class” impression on your clients. Identify the roles needed to ensure that you and your team rise above the competition as a corporate wellness provider.

Presented by: Lisa Williams

How I Built a Niche Focused Studio and Grew it to an Internationally Known Training Facility

Join Robert Linkul as he shares his personal experience (starting at 25) with physical limitations and not-so-great luck, learned greatly from them and opened his own studio specifically geared toward the demographic he now fits (50+).

Presented by: Robert Linkul

Boomer or Bust: Marketing to the Older Demographic

In this session, we will discuss proven ways to attract older clients that are educated, affluent and ready to pay for training services that meet their needs.

Presented by: Cody Sipe, PhD

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

3 Proven Ways to Get Leads to Your Website in the Next 30 Days

This session will cover Internet Marketing through websites, lead generation & 2019 trends for the modern fitness gym.  This seminar will cover specific action items you can make on your website to increase SEO ranking, Increase lead count & improve community perception of your brand. 

Presented by: Timothy Sarazen

Top 10 Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an area that can cost a great deal or little to nothing depending on the avenues you choose to utilize. In this session, you will learn 10 key marketing strategies that will give you the greatest results for the least amount of money.

Presented by: Mark Nutting

A Critical Element of Retention No One is Talking About

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the “gamechanger” that isn’t talked about nearly enough in the fitness industry…we rank among the top three industries leaving millions of dollars on the table due to a lack of training in EQ.

Presented by: Lindsay Vastola

How to Turn 1500SQFT into a Gold Mine!

The key is to know your KPI’s! What are the key elements that you need to track that will determine the success of your studio fitness business? Some KPI’s are essential across any studio anywhere. But what about the ones that are unique to your business and your demographic? How do you come up with them? Start to think creatively and mix your Unique KPI’s with the industry standard KPI’s.

Presented by: Bryant Sharifi

Where to Find the Best Coaches and How to Develop and Integrate them into an Award Winning Team

To run a successful business you need an amazing team. In this session, you will learn the keys to building an amazing staff. You’ll learn the importance of finding the right fit and how to do it. You’ll learn tactics to grow your business geometrically.

Presented by: Douglas Sheppard

How to Create a Business that Runs Without You

Rachel Cosgrove will share the exact steps to set your business up to run like a well-oiled machine including building your all-star team, implementing systems & figuring out your game plan to have your business run without you!

Presented by: Rachel Cosgrove
April 13

8:00 am to 9:00 am

8:00 am to 9:00 am

Time Management Essentials to Grow Your Business Like Never Before

If you are like most fitness professionals, you have a lot on your plate. What happens when you try to do everything on your list and you still don’t get the results you aspire to achieve? The answer lies in aligning your purpose with your passion while employing productivity hacks where it counts. This session goes beyond how to create “to do” lists and best practices for “taming your inbox”.

Presented by: Shannon Fable

How I Fought Burnout & Built a 7-Figure Fitness Business

Are you in the trenches, grinding it out every day and at your wits end? Trying to build your fitness business and feeling burned out? If so, then this session is for you.  I've been there and over the years have learned several things that I can share so you can continue to build your business, fall back in love with your business, and enjoy the journey.

Presented by: John Heringer

Roundtable Interactive Discussion: Retention Strategies (Limited space)

During this session, you'll network in small groups with your peers to discuss what others are doing to drive their retention numbers through the roof. Roundtable discussions are interactive sessions moderated by industry experts. You'll connect with your peers in small groups, compare notes, and get hands-on learning from those who have "been there done that" to drive your business forward.

Roundtable discussion sessions are on a first come first serve basis.  50 spots available. 

Presented by: June Kahn, Presented by: Timothy Schliebe, Presented by: Todd Durkin, Presented by: Helen Vanderburg

Fitness Future: Studio Research and How it Impacts Your Business

The Association of Fitness Studios runs robust research on studio profiles of success, success criteria, and growth strategies. Hear from our Chief Research Consultant on the latest insights and best practices common among successful studios.

Presented by: Mike Leve

Top 6 Lead Generation Strategies for Fitness Studios

In this session, fitness studio marketing expert, Mike Arce, shares the future of marketing and advertising for fitness studios, and explains the absolute top 6 ways you can easily drive more traffic and paying members to your studio today!

Presented by: Mike Arce

Creating A Sales Process That Converts Every Time

Sales don't have to be sleazy or scary!  Learn how to build out a sales process that empowers you to grow your business and harnesses your strengths as a fitness professional without discounting or using gimmicky closing tactics.  This session will show you how to get more leads to set appointments, show for those appointments and convert into paying clients using the Fitness Revolution proven sales processes.

Presented by: Ryan Ketchum

9:15 am to 10:15 am

9:15 am to 10:15 am

How to Partner in Your Community Creating Grassroots, Community Oriented Marketing Campaigns

As a studio owner or manager its imperative to connect with your community! It can help you boost visibility, brand awareness & build key relationships.  You will leave this presentation feeling excited and empowered to create a local marketing campaign specific to your business.

Presented by: Karen Gilbert

Driving the Customer Experience: How to Stand Out No Matter Your Competition

The customer experience is the new battleground. It's where business is going to be won or lost. We will explore the best practices for creating an amazing experience around your coaching services and business. It's no longer enough to provide "great workouts". It's the experience around those workouts that will make or break your business.

Presented by: Rick Mayo

How to Create a Rockstar Internship Program

The growth of your business will largely depend on how well you recruit, hire and train your staff. This is because YOUR STAFF IS THE LARGEST ASSET OF YOUR COMPANY!

Presented by: Justin Grinnell

Opening More Studios: My Story of Success, Mediocrity and Catastrophe

The results of the decisions you make in opening your follow-on studios/gyms will either be tragic or magic so be sure you are prepared with the right process and thinking.  Come to hear the real deal from a pioneering fitness entrepreneur on his roller coaster experience in expanding his fitness studio company.

Presented by: Gavin McKay

Roundtable Interactive Discussion: Social Media Marketing (Limited Space)

During this session, learn from your peers and expert moderators on what's working (and what's not) in the world of social media marketing. Roundtable discussions are interactive sessions moderated by industry experts. You'll connect with your peers in small groups, compare notes, and get hands-on learning from those who have "been there done that" to drive your business forward.

Roundtable discussion sessions are on a first come first serve basis.  50 spots available. 

Presented by: Amanda Vogel, Presented by: Scott Rawcliffe, Presented by: Fred Hoffman

Panel Discussion: The Magic of Ancillary Revenue Streams

Find out what some of the most successful business operators are doing to drive more revenue from their members and clients. Access easy to implement ideas that will help grow your bottom line.

Presented by: June Kahn, Presented by: Timothy Schliebe, Presented by: Kevin Steele, PhD, Presented by: Frank Nash, Presented by: Casey Washack

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm

The Green Studio Approach That Captivated 20 Million Views & Counting

Jose Avina took a green approach to his fitness studio dreams and has been attracting local, national, and international media attention ever since. By harnessing human energy and incorporating sustainable business practices into Sacramento Eco Fitness’s daily routines, they have created a brand that stands out in the crowded fitness market. Find out how he went green and how the new approach is positively affecting his studio's bottom line.

Presented by: Jose Antonio Avina II

How a Website Turned an Average Personal Trainer Into a Community Hero

In this presentation, we’re going to show you how you can be the most sought after fitness professional in your community while avoiding the pitfalls of wasting money on random internet marketing trends.

If you want more people to know about you, understand the value you can bring to their lives and be supported along the way - you need to come to this session and learn how your website is the starting point.

Presented by: Timothy Sarazen

Maximize Client Retention with Wearable Fitness Technology

Join us to discover how to maximize client retention using wearable fitness technology. As one of the top trends in the fitness industry, wearable tech is a must for fitness businesses looking to keep clients engaged and offer them meaningful, data-driven results.

Presented by: Emily Sopo

Maximizing Your Programming Mix

Your fitness programming can help you maximize space, build retention, and drive revenue. This education session will help you find the right mix.

Presented by: Rebecca Cofod

How To Achieve Your Profit Goals By Motivating Your Entire Team To Win

Hitting your profit goals is a full team effort, and people function best when they have a clear understanding of what they need to win. Learn to calculate class sizes to hit profit goals, the tools instructors need, and the best way to inspire and motivate them to do more while objectively evaluating their progress

Presented by: Nt Etuk

2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

Customer Service in the Digital Age: 5 Winning Strategies to Exceed Expectations

We are living in a world connected by digital devices, where communication, services and learning opportunities are available to everyone 24/7. This has changed the way that we sell goods and services, interact with both potential and active customers, and how we address inquiries, complaints and engagement.

Presented by: Fred Hoffman

Panel Discussion: Never Run Out of Marketing Ideas

During this panel, several seven-figure fitness business owners share their secrets of the most widely talked about area of business - marketing and driving traffic.  Learn how to generate more leads, get more people through your door and most importantly - get them to convert! 

Presented by: June Kahn, Presented by: Dan Kleckner, Presented by: Ryan Ketchum, Presented by: Ivan Barrera

Leveraging VR/AR Technology as Tools for Your Fitness Business

This presentation offers you an opportunity to experience the world of Virtual Reality (VR), 360 video and Augmented Reality (AR). Learn about and explore, how this immersive technology may best fit into, and benefit your fitness business while taking a 360 video tour of Boutique Fitness Studios in Los Angeles.

Presented by: Mia Smith

The Top Motivational Behavior Techniques You Can Leverage to Drive a Lot More Revenue

Motivational behavior techniques can be applied to your everyday operations to better drive retention and additional revenue for your studio. Grounded in behavioral science, this session will help you build your studio plan to intentionally operationalize behavior change in your studio environment.

Presented by: Dr. Kerri O'Brien

“20 in 20” - 20 Business Lessons to Help You SUCCEED!

Most fitness studio owners are great practitioners attempting to become successful entrepreneurs. The learning curve for many is steep. Come to listen, share and learn from a successful studio owner and fitness business coach. You are guaranteed to walk away with greater clarity, renewed focus, and a rejuvenated feeling towards your fitness business.

Presented by: Frank Pucher

Accounting and Tax Essentials to Save Fitness Studios Thousands

Whether you are a startup or established business, this is one you will not want to miss.  Sales are not the only part of running a business, having a solid financial foundation and plan to minimize taxes is necessary and will only enhance your mission. You will walk out with tips that are guaranteed to save you money each and every year while protecting your business and helping you succeed!  

Presented by: Mike Jesowshek

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

How I Grew my Fitness Business that Now Charges $300/Month and has a Waiting List

In this session, Frank will walk you through his secrets to success.  From understanding the needs of your clients and members to knowing how to set yourself up to thrive in the future. Take it from someone who's been there and done it before and teaches studio owners around the country how to implement his ideas into your own business!

Presented by: Frank Nash

Become the Studio Everyone Wants to Join in Your Market

Any studio owner will tell you that being a great fitness manager or popular personal trainer doesn’t make studio ownership a guaranteed success—in fact, it can be an added challenge to re-focus your attention on a whole new aspect of the business. To make your studio thrive and be known in your community as “the gym" to join, you must plan for greatness and look well beyond everyday operations.

Presented by: Michael Piercy

Panel Discussion: The Best Referral Programs Out There Today

The best business owners know it costs a lot less to keep the members and clients you have than to acquire a new one. So what strategies are out there that keep people coming back? In this interactive session you'll learn the programs and ideas necessary to have that "ah ha" moment you can bring back to your business. 

Presented by: Lauren Eirk, Presented by: Ivan Barrera, Presented by: Casey Washack, Presented by: Helen Vanderburg

How to Secure Financing to Start or Expand Your Fitness Business

In this session, industry expert Paul Bosley will review what's necessary to prepare you and your business for underwriting. You'll also receive a keen understanding of the variety of financing alternatives available for business financing.

Presented by: Paul Bosley

The Gym of 2020: Technology, Trends and Products Changing the Fitness Industry

Technology is rapidly changing the fitness industry. Learn about the latest in artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, streaming and video-on-demand, assessment, apps, and wearables. Learn to make informed decisions on what to purchase along with the necessary steps to introduce and implement new technologies. Hear about what may lay ahead in the next 2, 5 and 10 years.

Presented by: David Shaw

How to Create Your Own Nutrition Program

The fitness industry is encountering an influx of clientele searching for a trustworthy solution to their weight loss goals. With obesity rates climbing all across America, and consumers losing faith in the diet industry, people are flocking to fitness centers in search of guidance and support. People aren't satisfied with a quick-fix or trending diet or just relying on a supplement line.

Presented by: Carolyn Fetters
April 14

8:00 am to 9:00 am

8:00 am to 9:00 am

"Small" Things that Matter - Identifying the Details and "Touches" that will Make or Break Your Business

Studio owners and managers are faced daily with decisions, and it is not that hard to imagine that it is often the “bigger/more costly” decisions that take over the focus, and that "smaller” items or touches often does not seem as important - if even thought of. This presentation is taking you through a customer journey, identifying how these details and “touches” can make or break your business.

Presented by: Mia Smith

Generate Additional Revenue by Working with Special Populations

In this session, we will identify and discuss “special populations” and how to develop specialty programming for specific segments of a membership population that require unique parameters.  We will discuss design, strategy, marketing, and management of this program plus, examples of pricing models to generate additional ancillary revenue.

Presented by: Kevin Steele, PhD

From $0 to 80k/Month in 3.5 Years - How I Built a Studio in a Competitive Market

Opening and growing a Boutique Fitness Studio in 2019 is no easy task. With so many gurus out there saying you “must do this” or “you can’t do that” things can get pretty confusing as far as building and growing your ideal business. There are few guarantees in the fitness business, but the one thing that cannot be disputed is that where you put your effort, is where you will find the rewards.

Presented by: Joe Drake

Utilizing Technology to Connect Your Studio's Community and Supercharge Retention and Sales

After clients make the choice to visit your studio, it is the number of connections (and depth of connections) they have to the others in their classes - the instructors and the other clients - that determines whether they stay, and how much they rave about your studio to others.  This session explores the way to can enhance this sense of connection and drive your business to new levels.

Presented by: Nt Etuk

How to Build Your Sales Pipeline to Consistently Drive Leads

In this session, Khaled will take you through his 5 piece pipeline from defining who your target market is all the way to making the sale. We will be discussing what the best piece of content to motivate people to click on your lead magnet to where you can find and get leads to grow your business.

Presented by: Khaled Elmasri

Stop Selling the Wrong Thing! Setting Your Business up for Success

Personal Training revenue and client retention are two of the most relevant challenges facing independent studio owners, yet for more than 20 years the standard approach to drive revenue or improve retention has been to analyze marketing. Unfortunately, the problem typically lies not with the marketing, the facility, the trainers or the pricing… it lies in the business model itself. Simply put – selling personal training packages is not conducive to long-term fiscal success.

Presented by: Cosmo Wollan

9:15 am to 10:15 am

9:15 am to 10:15 am

Improve Wellness and Increase Revenue With CBD

Anytime CBD is a provider of automated kiosks and vending machines as well as a specialty brand of the highest quality CBD products.

You will leave this session with an understanding of what CBD is and how it can assist with your body's overall wellness. The session will also discuss the use of Anytime CBD kiosks and vending machines to generate revenue for your retail location.

Key Takeaways:

Presented by: Jamie Shetzer

Studio Insurance in the Real World

This session will help answer your real-world studio insurance questions including: What real-life claims do fitness studios have? What insurance coverage is really needed in today’s world? How do I know if I have the right insurance for my studio?

Presented by: Jennifer Urmston Lowe