In September of 2019, we centralized the selling process and execution of 3 studios in Texas. They were successful, a 7 figure studio group co-owned by a billionaire and an Olympic Gold Medalist, but they'd plateaued, drowned by team turnover, inefficient systems, and a studio that was almost too busy to sell. 5 months later we had sold $697,640.96 over phone, text, email, and Messenger all from Wisconsin, Idaho, and Illinois.

With reduced capacity levels, shrinking team budgets, and an ever-present need to grow, Centralized Selling is the next wave of studio sales. Join Studio Grow Founder and CEO, Lise Kuecker, as she breaks down the technology, processes, systems, and team to ensure you can build your own Centralized Sales Hub.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the technologies we implemented to turn your Centralized Sales Hub into a constant stream of new client appointments and communication.
  • Build your very own centralized sales process. We'll share the entire centralized sales process cycle and ready you to map out your complete funnel from start to sale.
  • Map out your automated texts, emails, and phone calls to show you how to build an automation machine.

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