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Since COVID-19, many coaches and trainers have resorted to using a number of apps to build a virtual training business, including Google Calendar, Venmo, Messenger, and Zoom. Learn how Uplift provides a one-stop solution focused on technique-based training for strength and conditioning and sport-specific coaching.

Key Takeaways:

  • Current landscape of virtual training platforms and apps. 
  • What type of solutions elite level trainers and athletes are utilizing and evaluating. 
  • Introduction to Uplift and how Uplift supports trainers and coaches for both in-person and remote training. 
  • Future AI-driven technologies and the impact on sports and fitness training.

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Sukemasa Kabayama

CEO & Co-founder
Uplift Labs

Masa is passionate about scaling emerging technologies that deliver amazing customer experiences that have a positive impact on society. He is the CEO & Co-founder of Uplift Labs (Palo Alto, CA), an AI startup that digitizes human movement to improve athletic performance while mitigating injuries.


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