Opening Reception

Bring your passion and knowledge to a wider audience.  Come together with other attendees as you connect to like-minded business owners to navigate common terrain and gain a competitive advantage.

With a unique badging system, easily connect with other business owners who share similar experiences.

Enjoy heavy hors-d'oeuvres and stimulating conversation as you build continued enthusiasm for your career!




AFS Industry Awards

Awarded ceremony held at SUCCEED!. Recipients achieve the highest honor awarded by AFS.

Fitness Business of the Year

The AFS Fitness Business of the Year represents a studio or gym that excels in all areas of business, and whose owner has demonstrated the ability to create unsurpassed customer experiences, dedicated staff, motivated clients and leadership in their community.

Influencer of the Year

The AFS Influencer of the Year is an individual who has significantly contributed to the health and well-being of society through various communication vehicles to enhance the value of fitness in a manner that stimulates and motivates participation.




Saturday Night Sports Bar Reception & Competition

We're pulling out all the stops to ensure your SUCCEED! experience is second to none.  Come to reset, recharge, and have fun.

SUCCEED! celebrates you and what you do for others with an evening of food, drink, fun, competition, and prizes.  Who’s the best at foosball, pop-a-shot, ping-pong, and other games? Great prizes await the winners! 





Did We Mention - Free Food!?

You read that right! At SUCCEED! come to learn, share, network and above all else grow your business - but you need fuel to be at your best!

Enjoy free breakfasts and lunches on the Expo floor as you meet one-on-one with potential partners who can help you take your business in exciting new directions that will allow you to both acquire new clients and drive more revenue than ever before.

You can attend other fitness-industry shows, but if you want to find continued success in the business of fitness, there's only one event that can deliver the caliber of connection you need - SUCCEED!




Get Your Workout On!

While the education will be top-notch, we get it - you're fitness professionals and you need to workout!

Taking place on the gorgeous outdoor spaces and lawn at Hotel Irvine, come train with elite pros leading workouts full of energy to get your sweat on before a full day of learning, networking, and fun!




Fun Surprises

While we've taken every measure to make your SUCCEED! learning has a major impact on your future - we're also making sure we leave plenty that has you saying WOW!

Throughout the weekend, we'll be announcing fun surprises that makes SUCCEED! stand out in a class all its own.  

We can't wait to celebrate with you in 2020 and again year after year!




The AFS Promise

With the overwhelming support and recognition of the entire fitness industry including all major certifying organizations, today AFS is leading the growth of the studio/gym market by supporting managers, owners and fitness professionals with all the tools, connections, and answers you need to SUCCEED!

At AFS, we support your efforts to change more lives by providing you every resource necessary to start, grow or extend the life of your business. We care about your business success like you care about your clients’ success.

Through our organization, members access our community to connect to more influencers, discover new trends, learn how to make more money, generate more clients, uncover critical data, and apply key insights to your business.




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