Producing long-term behavioral change by empowering clients to adopt and maintain new behaviors extends beyond simply educating individuals on what they should and should not do. Learn how to develop and utilize effective communication strategies to establish a positive and productive client-coach relationship rooted in empathy.
This 5-hour workshop outlines best practices in behavior-change science and explores how to practically apply cutting-edge coaching interventions that translate into meaningful lifestyle changes and improved health outcomes.
You will learn...
  • Best practices for establishing the client-coach relationship
  • The role of positive psychology as the foundation for behavior change
  • To develop and apply effective communication skills, including active listening and powerful questioning
  • To identify a client’s readiness for change and design a behavioral intervention accordingly
  • Various coaching techniques and behavior change strategies, including motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral coaching

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9 AM - 3 PM • Registration $129 (staff $103)